Organization and Partners in the Project

Collaboration Across

In order to gather existing knowledge about close-to-nature forestry and further this kind of forest management  the partners represent a broad section of the forestry sector. The activites are carried out in close collaboration between 21 partners,  including a number of private forests, forestry consultant companies, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Nature Agency. The partnership with Schleswig-Holsteinisches Landesforsten brings many years of German practical experience with close-to-nature forestry into the project.

In addition, the Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen (IGN) ensures the collection of existing practical experiences with close-to-nature forestry and the collection of data during the project. This  will qualify the knowledge on  effects of close-to-nature forestry, which  the private forestry has called for. An important activity shared among most of the partners and mainly run by  IGN and  the Danish foresters Association is the dissemination of project results. The target groups will be the education sector and the professional forestry sector as well as  the general public.


Steering Committee

  • Peter Ilsøe, Chairman, Danish Nature Agency
  • Bendt Egede Andersen, Danish Nature Agency
  • Helle Kold Jespersen, Danish Nature Agency
  • Jesper Tranberg, Danish Nature Agency
  • Tanja Olsen, Danish Forest Association
  • Pernille Karlog, Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Michael Glud, HedeDanmark
  • Vivian Kvist Johannsen, IGN
  • Jens Christian Dahl, Løvenholm
  • Jens-Birger Bosse, State Forestry Schleswig-Holstein
  • Kristian Gernow, Danish Forestry Association
  • Niels Peter Dalsgaard Jensen, Salten Langsø