Public Awareness and Dissemination of Results

Communication and Education

There is a significant and important task in disseminating the project's results and knowledge to the general public and the established network of other projects and forest organizations. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge about close-to-nature forest management in Denmark has been identified as one of the barriers to implementing close-to-nature forest management in the forestry sector.

Communication in LIFE ForFit is divided into two tracks:

  • Information for the public, NGOs, and international forest organizations.
    This will be done through targeted courses, events, articles, and the development of educational materials for school classes.
  • Education at all levels in the professional forestry sector Conducting workshops and courses, as well as developing course materials, is targeted at the professional forestry sector. In addition, 2 so-called Martelloscopes will be established. Martelloscopes are areas of 1 hectare in the forest where all trees' height and diameter, as well as other parameters such as species composition and biodiversity indicators, are recorded. This provides a forest area with precise knowledge of standing timber and biodiversity for educational purposes.