Baseline Study

Baseline Study

Close-to-Nature Forestry (CNF) principles were introduced in the Danish Nature Agency since a strategy to adopt CNF were launched  in 2005. In Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesforsten (SLHF) in Northern Germany, conversion to CNF has been the strategy for more than 30 years. Some private forests have also been managed according to the CNF principles.

Although important lessons were learned, a systematic collection of experience/best practices in DK was never made, although highly relevant The purpose of this action is to define the state of the art in DK and in SLHF-forests in order to advice on best practice to be implemented in the project sites from the onset.

The implementation of best practice on CNF will be an iterative process with a gradual improvement of the methods throughout the project period leading to a final production of a catalogue on best practice, modifying the preliminary conversion models (see below) defined at the outsetExperiences (good and bad) on conversion of conifer plantations will be collected by IGN. In total 50 forest stands are designated for field visit in order to systematiccally collect data.

See also news about: What do we know about the conersion to close-to-nature forestry in coniferous forests today?

The baseline study report is available in the document archive.