Conversion to Close to Nature Forestry

This action deals withpractical implementation of close to nature forestry in traditional conifer plantations. A total of 10 different conversion models will be tested over the project period. The conversion takes place in 75 forests geographically distributed in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein and covers a total of 4,200 ha.

The models tested are as follows:

Model 1. Middle-aged stands – underplanting in groups
Model 2. Introduction of stabilizing broadleaves
Model 3. Natural seeding under shelter in old stands
Model 4. Supplementing regeneration with long-lived conifers and broadleaves
Model 5. Shelter in old stands with species introduction
Model 6: Outgrown stands for Christmas tree and greenery production
Model 7. Shelter system in rows or irregular shelter
Model 8. Group-wise underplanting in destabilised old stands
Model 9. Seeding group-wise and in stripes
Model 10. Conversion with a high level of broadleaves and using container plants