Young Stands

Improving Quality of Young Stands

Lack of knowledge on handling young stands (0-30 years from planting/sowing) was identified as a barrier to the introduction of CNF, since it imposes the risk of lower wood quality and increased costs. This action supplies knowledge on costs and methods of handling natural regeneration and young stands.

The project will apply various intensities/methods of thinning activity as described below in order to optimize costs in relation to quality of the stand. In older stands pruning activity will also be investigated.

The following three models are  tested on 650 ha:

  • Model 1. Early regeneration. Stands lower than 1,5 meters
  • Model 2. Young regeneration. Stands between 1,5-7 m in height. The goal is to regulate future species distribution and to promote growth and health of individual trees
  • Model 3. Improving stem quality by pruning

Additionally, this action will also test the effect of treatment with fungal spores as a biological pesticide against the invasive species Prunus serotina.